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Antiquing Furniture:

Finding the proper value of a piece of furniture,  is a very important aspect, particulary when antiquing furniture.  The whole idea of buying and selling of anything, is to make a profit — and the antique’s market is no different.

Ivory Antiques

Collecting antique ivory is perfectly acceptable, despite all you may hear about the illegal trade in ivory. There are huge parks for breeding programmes and to monitor and provide protection to these animals.

Antique Pie Safe

Antique pie safe items and cupboards remain one of the storage containers for kitchens – but they were not limited to storing just pies! This unique furniture design was meant for baked goods, breads included pies, jellies, and jams. Pennsylvania was the centre point for the Germanic influence in these utilitarian designs in the United States, though Eastern Europe had long experienced these designs

Antique Kitchen Cabinets

Antique kitchen cabinets are very distinct in their historical features. Antique cabinets do not have to be authentic to display the necessary character that age and beauty bring into traditional homes. Their popularity has continued to grow as people are incorporating “green” household ideals, especially, in kitchens.

Antique Fire Extinguishers

Antique Fire Extinguishers started during the 1700s and contained gunpowder, a built-in fuse, and fire-retardant liquid. The lit fuse ignited the gunpowder which triggered the fire-retardant liquid to be released into the fire. The next century brought new designs which were created out of glass; inside of this was a lit fuse which was then thrown into the fire by fire fighters. During the 1920s, the first “antique” designs were created with a brass or copper pump. These are the antique versions because very few fire extinguishers from earlier periods survived.

Antique Crocks

Crocks Antique were perfect for storing home-cooked food from yeast to pickles, to cookies. One of the distinctive 19th century crocks from New York feature a cobalt blue decoration of a chicken which is pecking at corn. When older family members passed away, the lot of their possessions which the heirs did not want were sold at a typical auction scene in small farmhouses. Reddish brown jars which contain splotches on them are antique designs from five different potteries which were popular in Connecticut in the 19th century.