Antique Dining Room Tables

Antique Dining Room Tables

Antique Dining Room Tables

The 16th Century Long Room in the historic and beautiful Chenies Manor in Buckinghamshire. A fire burns in the fireplace and fresh flowers dress the table. The Manor and this room in particular has real historical significance, being visited over the centuries by many famous royals including Henry VIII.

Every fine-looking home needs to be furnished with a stunning dining table made of oak or mahogany, inside their formal dining rooms. We’ll leave it to your imagination to think of all the treasured family gatherings that took place around the stunning round antique dining room tables.  Perhaps, you may not be excited about the attractiveness of the table but excited by the table’s dimensions, the period in which it was made or by the fact that it suits the interior of your home. It is often difficult to acquire suitable furniture that not only suits the style of your interior but can also be a little tricky choosing furniture that is in correct proportion to the room.


Drop Leaf Antique Table

Drop Leaf Antique Table

Drop Leaf Antique Table

This is a table is a good example of a practical use.  It can literally hang around, placed for the time-being in a small cozy breakfast space and spring into action when three or more of your family or friends gather. The drop leaf table is perfect for apartments or studios, with both leaves down the table it takes very little space. They are not very heavy, thus easier to carry and could be used as card tables.  When the meal is over and you want more space, simply put the leaves back down.

Round Antique Dining Tables

Round Antique Dining Tables

Round Antique Dining Tables


You might have an idea to buy a dining table; but you needn’t think only in terms of the types of tables you are used to today. Throughout history furniture designers were much more open-minded to the use of tables, and created them for specific purposes. Craftsmen were making lamp tables, card tables, tea tables, writing tables and library tables to name just a few. While you don’t have to use them for their original design, many of these tables possess a unique charm. Some were painted and had colourful inlays, while others had tiny drawers with delicate handles. A smaller table might be the best way to incorporate an antique piece into your room design.

Where to Find Antique Tables

Finding suitable or antique tables requires time and patience especially if you are uncertain where to begin your search. You could start by trying your local antique shops and markets in and around the area. There are one or two advantages with this. It is convenient, easy transportation therefore cheaper, handy to revisit — should you want a second look and also scouting round to see if anything new has appeared, that maybe of interest.

6 Things to Look Out For

Once you have spotted the table you fancy, or any piece of furniture for that matter, it’s important to note its condition.

  • A quality antique table should have all its joints in impeccable condition even after years of use.
  • A damaged table or one suffering from large dents or scratches could affect the value of it. Check for warping and cracking on the table surface.
  • Some reproductions, unless well made, will have tell-tale signs, notably the joinery and quality of the wood used.
  • Enquire if any repairs have been carried out and check to see how well the repairs have been made.
  • Look out for imperfections, but remember, a table that has been used for several hundred years should carry with it all the character it has accumulated in that time.
  • Be careful to watch out for antique tables that have been constructed much later from antique wood, such as floorboards or wall panels. These are not true, genuine antique tables.

In Search of an Antique Table

Antique shop prices are, as a rule, higher than at the weekend markets, or at car boot sales; but when you obtain an antique table from an antique shop, you are more likely to purchase an item that is in superior condition.  Second hand or charity shops, sometimes, get donations of antique tables. You will probably save a bit of money, but it would be up to you to determine, whether the bargain was a good deal or not.

Why not to try your luck at an estate sale? Once again, it would be up to you to use your expertise to examine the item you discovered, but commonly this is where the true gems can very often to be found. Bring an expert, or somebody, who has some knowledge in antiques if you don’t feel confident yourself.

Online is a real aid for discovering an antique table too. Try and choose your town or region to look for an ad about antique tables for sale. In addition, has a similar search feature for a buyer on the hunt for that special antique and within a sensible distance from their residence.

Repairing Antique tables

If it’s the case that you are on the look out for a table for more practical purposes rather than reselling for profit, then you should be able to get a good deal.  Look for a table that has some potential, one that needs some minor repair, perhaps. Sometimes, a table with a bad paint job may look worse than it really is. If it’s well made, then it’s just a question of removing the paint. There are any number of carpenters and furniture restorers to choose from so choose one that comes recommended and one with a reasonable quote for the work to be carried out.

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