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What is an Antique Books Value?

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There are a lot of reasons why people are interested in buying antique books.  Some people would like to see their book shelves elegantly displaying their antique book collection.  Others invest in them, hoping to gain profit.  Some love collecting books by certain genre, or have passion for a particular author or of a period of time.  Antique books allow us to feel and see, what it was like in the past.  People can get quite an accurate idea of the early days of publishing and techniques, that were commonly used in the past.  Antique books, amazingly, not just provide us with historical facts on the actual pages, they also show us, how the authors of the past were expressing their thoughts into their writings.

The main enemies of an Antique Book

The worst enemy of the Antique books is a damp and humid environment.  Handling them too much is also a mistake.  Greasy stains, missing pages or warping definitely will bring down the value of the book.  In other words, a respectful attitude towards an aged book would help to preserve it. Antique books could be large and heavy, thus, a wide and smooth shelf, that can hold their weight, must be chosen to keep them safe.  In addition, books that are already a hundred years old, or are on their way to becoming antique, should not be exposed to unsealed wood.  Natural wood can damage the books, as it emits acidic vapors.  Antique books should also be kept from too much exposure to the sun rays, as they make a vulnerable book to fade easily.

Pricing an Antique Book

1st edition of James Bond in Goldfinger

An antique books value can be calculated in numerous ways.  Some publication could reward a collector for a couple of thousand dollars, depending on it’s quality.  However, value leans greatly on their rareness and condition.  The rarer the book, the more you pay for it.  A book’s popularity is also considered important in valuing.  An antique copy of a classic novel Gone with the Wind, for instance, would be of a higher price, compared to the common novels of today.  Presence of the author’s signature on the books can also determine the price of the books.  This is one reason, why book signing is held, and it’s quite popular even today.  The value of a book increases with the presence of the author’s signature on them.  Prices of books also depend on popularity of their previous owners too.  Books owned by famous persona as actors and actresses are more valuable, as compared to antique books owned by ordinary people.

Where to find Antique Books

Antique book collectors specifically rely on dealers to get in charge of antique books hunting. Usually, dealers do not only look for books but other valuable things too in places like thrift stores, flea markets, garage sale and estate sales as well.

On the other hand, antique collectors do not depend on antique books alone.  They also look after the books, that are on their way to being antique.  They already have this feeling, that in the future these books, when taken care of, will provide them opportunity to earn more profits.  Generally, antique collectors look for books on their first editions, as these are rare, and those with inscription on them — for these are considered priceless.

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