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My name is Trevor Rosper and I have been Studying Antiques for antique gold mirror as long as I can remember. I started AntiqueHuntingSecrets.com as a FREE antique course on study of antiques for those who wish to learn all about antique buying and how to price an antique, so that get the most out of collecting and selling these amazing objects from the past.

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Study of Antiques For Fun

Most people collect or hoard something of interest or specific objects at some stage of their life and antiques are just one of the many hobbys that people like to dabble in. There is such a vast range of items to collect and any number of reasons why people collect them, from the bizarre to the ordinary.

To some, antique buying is more than a hobby, it's a business, and a very lucrative one at that. Hunting for antiques can be rewarding on many different levels whether it's for historical reasons, decorative means or purchased for profit.

Why Collect Antiques?

Antique Vase Lets explore some of the reasons why some antique buyers, collectors and dealers are so smitten by antiques. It seems, that for many it's their obsession or passion for history. They have a foot stuck firmly in the past. Perhaps, in some way, a specific antique touched a nostalgic moment of time during their childhood, when life appeared to be more innocent and technology seemed far behind. These days we are surrounded and bombarded by the latest gizmos, pressurized to buy the must-have gadgets and fed by television. So, by collecting antique memorabilia, collectors experience that they are still in touch with a very different world, a period of time that has passed, but has survived through their passion of antiques.

Buying Antiques For Business

Antique Sewing Machine Then there is the business end. Little romance, less passion but love of the pound, euro and dollar. They see an angle or a void and they fill it. Experience and skill is what these dealers and collectors need to have to spot a market, to see a profit and predict what may be the next sought after antique. It is how they earn their living. They are up against many who earn
a crust the same way. They can recognize objects, hopefully, get a good price for antiques, then sell it for a decent profit. That's the name of the game.

There is no guarantee that your particular antique interest will make a good investment, as the antiques market fluctuates from year to year, and demand dictates what makes a decent profit. Arm yourself to the teeth with as much information as you can in your field of interest, including the differences between genuine and imitation antiques, so as to make well-informed decisions.

Really, the key to success in your antique hunting efforts - is to study antiques, read and learn from antique courses, as much as you can, check to see what's selling in your local auction house, journals and the internet. Practically, anything over a hundred years old could be regarded as an antique, so, as regards to collecting - the world is your oyster.

Antique Rolltop DeskIf you happened to be interested in buying antiques, but not too worried about making a profit, then there is little doubt that you will find this a fun and fulfilling hobby and, who knows, perhaps, your chosen antique purchases may turn out to be good investments. As mentioned earlier, all sorts of items are collected. Anything from furniture, pottery and glassware to stamps, toys and coins, and the key to success - is to know your market. Arm yourself to the teeth with as much information as you can in your field of interest, including the differences between genuine, imitation and fake antiques, so as to make well-informed decisions.

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